• Sex Therapy

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    Sex is a natural and healthy part of life

    How can sex therapy help?

    A healthy and fulfilling sex life is possible.  Sex therapy can help in the following ways

    Provide sex education so that you can better understand sex and pleasure

    Identify and address underlying causes of sexual issues

    Improve communication about sex

    Learn to communicate sexual interests and desires

    Practice relaxation and cognitive strategies

    Support exploration of desires and interests including polyamory, open relationships, kinks and BDSM

    Challenge thoughts causing guilt and shame

    What to expect?

    Sex therapy is psychotherapy to treat sexual difficulties and help you reconnect with your sexuality. You will spend time in session talking about your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. They will likely provide education to help you better understand sex and intimacy and offer coping strategies or exercises to try. 

    A sex therapist will never have sexual relations with you, show you how to have sex with anyone, or watch you having sex.

    Sometimes, a sex therapist might encourage you to meet with a doctor to rule out any physical or medical causes of the difficulties that you are experiencing. 

    Is Sex Therapy Couple’s Therapy?

    Sex therapy is not couples therapy. Sex therapy can be done with couples and it can also be done with individuals. If you are in a relationship and feel comfortable bringing your partner, this can help to strengthen the relationship and challenge any shame or embarrassment that you might be feeling. However, a partner is not required for sex therapy to be effective. In fact, many individuals attend sex therapy on their own, while they are not in a relationship. 

    How is Sex Therapy Different from Sex Coaching?

    Sex therapy is offered by a registered mental health professional with specialized training in treating sex related difficulties. They are able to explore past traumas and experiences that may be contributing to the difficulties that you’re currently experiencing. 

    Sex coaching is forward-facing, providing you with skills, training, exercises and strategies for the sex you want to have in your future. If you are interested in sex coaching you can learn more about this service offered by our specialized sex coach here

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