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    Sex is a fundamental aspect of human connection, intimacy, and overall well-being.

    At New Moon Psychotherapy, our specialized sex therapists are trained and focused on helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of their sexual health and relationships.

    Why does sex matter?

    Sexuality is a vital part of the human experience. It involves physical pleasure as well as emotional intimacy, communication, self-expression, and empowerment.

    A healthy and fulfilling sex life can 

    • enhance self-esteem
    • strengthen relationships
    • improve our physical and mental health
    • contribute to overall joy and satisfaction with life

    Difficulties and challenges related to sex and sexuality can 

    • lead to feelings of frustration
    • disconnect us from, and strain, our relationships
    • reduce the quality of our physical and mental health, thereby reducing the quality of our life

    A healthy and fulfilling sex life is possible!

    Sex therapy can get you there.

    How Can Sex Therapy Help?


    Learn about sex, pleasure, intimacy, desire, and your sexual response cycle.

    Root Cause

    Identify and address the root of sexual issues. These may be physical, emotional, and/or relational.


    Strengthen communication skills to openly and effectively express your sexual needs, concerns, and desires.


    Explore your sexual, gender, relational, and erotic identities and interests, including polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, kinks/BDSM, and fetishes.

    Coping Tools

    Learn practical cognitive and somatic (body-based) strategies to help you relax and effectively navigate difficulties as they arise.


    Release difficult emotions such as shame, guilt, embarrassment that may be keeping you from a fulfilling sex life.

    What Can I Expect?

    Sex therapy is psychotherapy that specifically addresses sexual difficulties and reconnects you with your sexuality. 

    The goal of sex therapy is to equip you with the tools, strategies, and support to overcome your difficulty and improve your sexual health and sexual satisfaction. 

    Sex therapy is a collaborative and empowering process. With the guidance of a trained sex therapist, you can work towards achieving a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life. 

    Everyone is different and so everyone’s experience with therapy will be unique. Below we outline what you can expect during sex therapy. 


    Before diving into therapy, the therapist will spend 1-3 sessions getting to know you, your goals and current struggles, past experiences, coping style, health history, as well as sexual history. This information will help them create a treatment plan that is tailored to meet your needs.

    If you’re looking to overcome a difficulty that involves a physical component (eg. Erectile dysfunction, pain with sex, vaginismus, etc.), your therapist will likely encourage you to speak with a doctor and have a medical assessment which may involve blood work and a physical exam. This is important to rule out any physical or medical causes of the difficulties that you are experiencing and to ensure that therapy alone is the best course of action.

    Treatment Plan

    Your therapist will share options for a treatment plan. You have autonomy over what forms of therapy you engage in. It is important that clients take an active role in treatment planning because only you will know what will work for you. Treatment plans often evolve over the course of therapy. You can always change your mind about what therapies are utilized.

    Sex Therapy is Psychotherapy

    You and the therapist will discuss your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Therapists will likely provide education to help you better understand sex and intimacy and offer coping strategies or exercises for you to try in session and/or at home. 

    A sex therapist will never have sexual relations with you, show you how to have sex, or watch you having sex. 

    Evidence-Based Therapy

    At New Moon Psychotherapy, we are committed to using well researched therapies and interventions that are proven to effectively address the challenges that you would like to overcome. 

    Sex Therapy may involve various modalities such as 


    Homework may involve reading, reflection questions, discussions with your partner(s), thought exercises, and practical exercises to do alone or with your partner(s). 

    The rationale behind homework is that therapy involves learning a new skill – a new way of thinking, behaving, or relating to your emotions. As with all skills, practice = improvement. 

    You will never get in trouble for not completing homework and it’s okay if you choose that homework is not for you, but you will notice that your results appear more quickly when you engage with homework outside of your therapy sessions. 

    Support and Encouragement

    We live in a world that makes it difficult to open up about our struggles, especially those related to sex. Sex therapy provides a judgment-free space to openly discuss, explore, and overcome your concerns. Your disclosures will be met with a listening ear, emotional support, and encouragement. 

    Over time, it will become easier to discuss sex and sex related difficulties.  


    Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists are required to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. At New Moon Psychotherapy we take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. The therapist will spend the first few minutes of your first appointment explaining confidentiality to you.

    Individual and Couple/Relational Therapy

    Sex therapy can be done individually or in a couple/relational context. 

    Some individuals engage in therapy while they are single or choose to attend on their own. Others will begin individually and later involve their partner(s). Some will  join as a couple/relationship. There is no right or wrong, and our therapists will support you in whatever way you are most comfortable with.

    If you are in a relationship, you may find that eventually involving your partner(s) in therapy enhances treatment outcomes because doing so strengthens your relationship and challenges shame or embarrassment. If a contributing factor to your difficulties is relational, having the individual(s) who are in your life present during therapy can increase the effectiveness of sex therapy. 

    Duration and Frequency

    The number of sessions and their frequency varies based on your unique needs and progress. Some people may benefit from a relatively short-term therapy approach, while others may require longer-term support. After the assessment, your therapist will be able to share some ideas of how long it may take though this can always change as situations in your life change and your therapists understanding of your situation evolves.

    Inclusive and Affirming Care

    Our sex therapists are allies of LGBTQ+, polyamorous, and kink communities. They are trained to understand and treat the unique needs that individuals in these communities may present and will provide a judgment free and affirming space that embraces and celebrates your identity. 

    How is Sex Therapy Different from Sex Coaching?

    Sex therapy is offered by a registered mental health professional with specialized training in treating sex related difficulties. They are able to explore past traumas and experiences that may be contributing to the difficulties that you’re currently experiencing. 

    Sex coaching is forward-facing, providing you with skills, training, exercises and strategies for the sex you want to have in your future. If you are interested in sex coaching you can learn more about this service offered by our specialized sex coach here

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