• Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

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    What is CPT

    CPT is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy developed specifically to treat individuals who meet the criteria for PTSD.

    Over the course of 12-15 sessions, individuals learn to challenge unhelpful beliefs related to the trauma(s) they experienced.

    CPT can be particularly helpful if you experience self-blame, shame, and guilt.

    What to expect

    Just like any other type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CPT will vary significantly from standard talk therapy.

    • You will be asked to complete 1-2 questionnaires prior to each of your appointments. This will allow us to monitor progress as well as identify areas that could benefit from more support.
    • Each session has a specific focus to keep our work on track and progressing quickly.
    • You’ll also receive handouts to complete each day between sessions.

    It’s important to note that CPT works best when clients are committed to attending at least one session a week – it is recommended that you do not wait more than 7 days between appointments to ensure that the progress you make is maintained.

    What will we talk about

    CPT is based on the belief that PTSD is not about what happened to you, but rather how you made sense of it. In CPT you will learn skills to help you think differently about the trauma(s). Together we will work to identify “stuck points” – beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the trauma(s).

    You will also learn strategies to challenge the accuracy of these beliefs so that you can decide whether the belief is accurate and you should hold on to it, or if it is flawed and there might be a more accurate belief you rather subscribe to.

    During the first half of therapy the focus is on why the trauma(s) occurred and the second half focuses on how the trauma impacted your life; particularly in the area of trust, safety, power and control, esteem, and intimacy.

    Unlike other trauma focused approaches, you do not have to write a detailed account of what you experienced with the trauma(s) – you don’t even have to remember them! At our first appointment we will discuss whether it would be helpful to discuss the details of the trauma, but ultimately, the decision to speak about what happened to you is yours.

    CPT has been extensively researched and is strongly recommended as a first line treatment for PTSD, worldwide.

    New Moon Psychotherapy offers CPT in both group and individual formats. Contact us today for more information.

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