• Perinatal Mental Health

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    Perinatal Mental Health

    The perinatal journey, is a beautiful chapter marked by anticipation, which also brings forth a myriad of emotions that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, agitated, and helpless.

    Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum stages often unearth unexpected challenges, which may bring difficult memories and relationship difficulties, impacting your mental and emotional well-being. 

    At New Moon Psychotherapy, we understand the unique complexities of the perinatal period. The whirlwind of hormonal changes coupled with adjustments to new roles and responsibilities, sleepless nights and many firsts, can create a storm of emotions. 

    Anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation may cast shadows of this otherwise joyous journey, leaving you yearning for guidance and support. 

    Perinatal Support at New Moon Psychotherapy

    Specialized Guidance

    Our therapists have specialized training in perinatal mental health and couples therapy. 

    We offer a unique blend of expertise to support individuals and partners through the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

    Cultivating Connection

    Our approach focuses on strengthening the emotional bond between partners. 

    We provide tools and strategies to enhance communication, foster understanding, and navigate the emotional landscape of parenthood together.

    Individual Empowerment

    Our goal is to help you thrive as you adjust to the complexities of parenthood.

    Personalized sessions allow each individual to explore and address their unique experiences including present and past difficulties.

    Safe & Inclusive Space

    We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals, couples, and co-parents of all backgrounds and identities. 

    We will work with sensitivity and respect for your individual experiences, honoring your unique journey.

    What is the Perinatal Period?

    Perinatal refers to the period of time surrounding chilbirth, typically the last few weeks of pregnancy (before birth) and the first few weeks after birth. 

    It’s a critical and sensitive time during which which both the mother and newborn undergo significant physical, emotional, and psychological changes. 

    The perinatal period is often divided into two main phases:

    Antenatal or Prenatal Period: 

    This phase covers the period before childbirth, including pregnancy and the preparations leading up to delivery. It involves the physical and emotional experiences of the expectant mother during pregnancy and also of the partner(s).

    Postnatal Period

    This phase involves the weeks immediately following childbirth, encompassing the early stages of caring for the newborn, postpartum recovery for the mother, and the adjustments parents make to their new roles.

    Perinatal mental health is crucial because it fosters the well-being of parent(s) and child and sets a foundation for future developmental stages.

    Psychotherapy can support parents through common perinatal concerns:

    Perinatal Mood Disorders

    Navigate and cope with difficulties such as postpartum depression and anxiety, which can affect all parents, regardless of gender.

    Trauma and Birth Experiences

    Working towards traumatic growth by processing birth experiences during which the parent(s) felt scared, helpless, or otherwise distraught. 

    Adjustment to Parenthood

    Adapting to new roles, managing change in routines, addressing any challenges that arise.

    Relationship Issues

    Navigate communication challenges, conflicts, and the adjustments required for a healthy relationship.

    Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

    Coping with grief, processing emotions, and navigating decisions about fertility journey.

    Parenting Stress

    Coping strategies, stress management techniques and emotional support.

    Self-Identity and Role Changes

    Exploring and understanding shifts in self-identity to foster personal growth and connect with a sense of self.

    Balancing Work and Family

    Establish healthy work-life balance and manage stress associated with dual roles.

    Parental Anxiety

    Tools to manage anxiety and promote emotional well-being.

    Social Support and Isolation

    Build support networks and foster connections with others who share similar experiences.

    Addressing perinatal mental health is important to ensure the well-being of parents and newborns.

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