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    What is Sex Coaching?

    What is your philosophy on sex? 

    Do you believe that people are born great lovers? Or that some people are just naturally better at sex than others?

    Society tells us that sex is something that we must inherently know, and it will come naturally to us. But the 
    truth is that sex, just like any other activity, is a skill. That means that it can be learned and improved any time!

    The problem is that sex is not easy for everyone to talk about. In many ways – society still views sex as a shame-based activity. We live in a world where there is constant messaging about sex; movies, music, television, porn, social media, etc., but at the same time – no one actually 
    talks about sex in a frank and honest way. We are living in a time where we are simultaneously inundated with sexual imagery and messaging but at the same time are not receiving comprehensive, adult sex education and for many people those two narratives collide – the desire to have sex but not having the knowledge or skills to achieve the sex that they want. 

    This is where sex coaching comes in.

    Working with a sex coach can help you learn practical skills, unpack your feelings about sex and your sexuality, and understand the physical and emotional sides of sex. 

    What can sex coaching help with?

    A sex coach is in many ways a “sexpert” they study sex, are comfortable talking about it, and are ready to provide you with the education, techniques, and strategies that will help you transform your sex life!

    Common topics discussed in sex coaching are:

    • sex drive mismatch,
    • sex after children,
    • exploration of polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, kinks, BDSM, and sex toys,
    • improving intimacy in long term relationships,
    • improving communication about your desires,
    • busting common sex myths and embracing positive sexuality,
    • navigating sexuality in your relationship,
    • porn literacy,
    • sex toy education.

    Sex coaches work with individuals and couples.

    How does Sex Coaching differ from Sex Therapy?

    Imagine sex therapy as an exploration of your past whereas sex coaching is forward-facing, providing you with skills, training, exercises and strategies for the sex you want to have in your future.

    Sex coaches take a non-pathologizing approach and lean more towards change through empowerment.

    If you are looking for sex therapy, you learn more about this service offered by our specialized sex therapist here.

    What to expect from Sex Coaching?

    A sex coach will spend the first few meetings with you learning about your current difficulties, attitudes towards sex, and goals.

    They will create a plan to help you meet those goals and offer support, suggestions, motivation, and sometimes homework along the way.

    A sex coach will never have sexual relations with you, show you how to have sex with anyone, or watch you having sex.

    Sometimes a sex coach might encourage you to meet with a doctor to rule out any physical or medical causes of the difficulties that you are experiencing. They may also recommend that you meet with a mental health professional if they believe that a mental health may be impacting your sex life.

    Sex coaching at New Moon Psychotherapy is offered in-person and virtually via a secure video conferencing platform. 

    Focused Mini-Packages

    Hoping to learn skills that will help you meet a specific goal? 

    Not interested in dredging up the past? 

    Interested in learning rather than unpacking?

    Our Mini-Packages may be what you’re looking for!

    They include:

    • a one-on-one or couples session with Sabrina Baldini, a sex educator and sex coach with over 10-years of experience in the field.
    • a one-week follow up to hold you accountable to using the skills and to troubleshoot any difficulties that arise. 
    • a package consisting of handouts and exercises to reinforce your learning and help you reach your goals. 

    If after the session you think you might need more support, you’re welcome to book follow up appointments. 

    Sex-Drive Mismatch Package: $160+hst

    It’s so common for couples to experience a mismatch in their sex drives. This package is designed to help you and your partner understand what is causing your mismatch and begin aligning your sex drives to create a sex life that you’re both excited about. This package includes:

    • One 50-minute appointment with Sabrina Baldini to assess your situation and learn curated strategies to help you and your partner align your sex drives.
    • One 30-minute check in a week later to hold you accountable and to troubleshoot any challenges that arise.
    • A cheat sheet of what was covered and strategies to meet your goals.

    Must be 18+ to participate. LGBTQ2S+, cis/trans, polyamorous and gender non-conforming folks welcome!

    Healthy Porn Package: $160+hst

    Concerned about your porn habits? This package may help you start a healthy relationship with porn and yourself. It includes:

    • One 50-minute appointment with Sabrina Baldini to assess your situation, learn about healthy porn consumption and obtain a set of curated strategies to improve your porn habits.
    • One 30-minute check in a week later to hold you accountable to using the strategies and to troubleshoot anything that didn’t go as planned.
    • A take home package of personalized worksheets and exercises to help you meet your goals. 

    Please note this package is not for those experiencing porn addiction. 

    Must be 18+ to participate. LGBTQ2S+, cis/trans, polyamorous and gender non-conforming folks welcome!

    Meet Sabrina Baldini, Sex Educator and Sex Coach

    Sabrina is a Sex Educator, Sex Coach, and the host of a popular TikTok and podcast, After Sex Ed with Sabrina

    She uses her passion for sex education, human sexuality, and sex positivity to help individuals and couples transform their lives and relationships. 

    She provides education and a judgment free space for individuals and couples to work through sex drive mismatch and explore topics such as pleasure and sex positivity, kink, polyamory, and BDSM.

    Sabrina sees clients virtually and in-person at 500 King Street in Toronto.

    Sabrina is not a psychotherapist. She does not provide psychotherapy/treatment for mental health or psychiatric conditions.

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