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    Therapy to help you rise from your experiences, release the past, and move toward the life you’ve always wanted.

    Focused on evidence-based therapy for Trauma, PTSD/cPTSD, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Abuse, Anxiety, and Depression.


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    Focusing on Trauma,
    Intimacy & Relationships

    It doesn’t have to feel like a life sentence

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    Difficult experiences change the way we think, feel, and act. Whether you’re facing challenges in your relationships, your work, or within yourself – the effects of trauma, sexual abuse, persistent anxiety, or depression – can keep you stuck in the patterns and behaviours that are preventing you from living your best life.

    New Moon Psychotherapy can help you heal from your symptoms and start taking the steps to living the life you want and deserve.  

    If you’re struggling with:

    • The ongoing impact from past traumatic experiences

    • Difficulties forming and keeping meaningful connections

    • Trusting yourself and others

    • Feeling out of control of your emotions and life

    • Being on edge all the time and feeling a sense of doom

    • Self-doubt, shame, or anger in your everyday life

    • The belief that you’re not enough or there is something wrong with you

    We can help. 



    Areas of

    The most important question to consider when choosing a therapist is:

    Does their area of expertise align with my needs?

    Chances are you wouldn’t consider seeing a pediatrician for a root canal or a dentist for a cold. You want to make sure that the therapist you’re seeing has expertise in treating the difficulties that you’re experiencing.

    We are seriously passionate about our areas of expertise. 

    Our team is here to support you through other challenges including anxietydepressiongriefsubstance abuse and addiction recovery, and many more.


    Start your healing journey today.


    New Moon Psychotherapy

    New moons symbolize new beginnings.

    In many ways therapy is a new beginning. 

    By letting go of old behavioral and emotional patterns, we make space for new ones. By processing traumas, we create new ways of thinking and understanding. By learning different strategies, we allow new ways of responding. 

    Although we cannot hit ‘delete’ on our past experiences (we wish we could), our past experiences are NOT a life sentence. You can rise from your symptoms and you can begin living the life you want and deserve.

    We are ready to help you build a meaningful and fulfilling life – free from the difficulties that you are currently experiencing. 

    We are here to support you through your healing journey.


    Meet Our Team of Therapists

    Our goal is to connect you with therapists who are well trained, skilled, and passionate in their area of expertise. As well as committed to using well researched therapies that are proven to work in the areas that you are struggling.

    We're located at 500 King Street West in Toronto

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    This is a chance to meet with the therapist, learn about their approach, and determine if they’re the right fit for you. Client-therapist fit is one of the greatest predictors of success in therapy!

    After the consultation, you will schedule your first therapy appointment and begin your healing journey!

    It may be hard to believe now but recovery is possible. We’re here to support you along the way.

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