• Meet Camila Espana

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    Hello, I’m Camila.

    There are many reasons to work with a therapist. Alone, we cannot lift a stone with just one finger- navigating through the ebbs and flows of life and relationships are no different. I’m here to lend you a hand.

    I started my career working in primary health clinics providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families referred by their physicians for a wide range of concerns. It soon became apparent to me that healing and growth are relational, both in the therapeutic setting and outside in the world.

    No matter what brings you to session or who comes to session with you, my approach is always genuine, collaborative yet directional. I support individuals unpack, process and cope with difficult thoughts, feelings and situations. I create a space for individual clients to explore their vulnerabilities and discover more about themselves. I support couples and families rejoice communication, regain understanding and re-establish structures. I create and maintain a space of respect and neutrality for couples and families to express themselves.

    Treatment Specialties


    sex therapy
    men's issues
    anxiety & depression
    men’s issues
    anger & impulsivity
    personal development & growth
    life transitions, return to work
    separation & divorce
    social & relational difficulties
    trauma processing


    sex and intimacy
    fertility & family planning
    conflict & resolution skills
    pre-marital counselling
    long distance dating 
    couples affected my mental health and trauma
    non-monogamous/polyamorous couples 
    LGBTQ+ Couples
    bicultural/syncretic relationships
    neuro-divergent couples


    communication in separated/divorced families
    step parent/step child dynamics
    blended families
    single parent and teen(s) dynamics
    parent(s) and adult child dynamics
    non-monogamous/polyamorous families
    LGBTQ+ families
    families affected by mental health and trauma

    Therapeutic Modalities

    Each individual and family is different. To support your unique situation, I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities including:


    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
    Response-Based Trauma Therapy
    Solution Focused Therapy
    Structural Couples & Family Therapy
    Mediation-Narrative Family Therapy
    Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy
    The Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Levels 1 & 2)

    Credentials and Associations

    Credentials that I earned:

    Post Graduate Diploma in Couples and Family Therapy (In progress)- University of Calgary

    Master of Social Work (Clinical Focus)- University of New England: Maine, USA

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Psychology- Carleton University


    Professional Associations that I belong to:

    Registered Social Worker- Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers

    Associate Marriage & Family Therapist- Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (Supervised by a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist)